Our goal at Doctor Music is that your experience attending any of the concerts we organize is satisfactory and fair. And for this we have conceived the General Conditions that appear below, which are applicable to all the concerts and other shows organized by Doctor Music and to the tickets for them. For inquiries related to these General Conditions, please contact us via email


Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions The purchase, possession and/or use of a ticket for any concert or other kind of show (hereinafter commonly referred to as "concert") organized by Big Tours, SL, with address at Ronda Sant Pere 38, 5è, 08010 Barcelona, CIF B-78.769.916, registered in the Company Registry of Barcelona, with the trade name "Doctor Music”, implies the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. In case of contradiction between these Terms and Conditions and those of the ticket distributor ( or other) and those of the venue where the concert takes place, these Terms and Conditions shall always prevail.

Identity of the purchaser and joint and several liability. The purchase of a ticket establishes a contractual relationship between Doctor Music ( Big Tours SL) and the purchaser registered at the distributor of the ticket. To this purpose, the purchaser agrees that his/her profile registered at the distributor’s systems contains his/her true identity, post and email address and contact telephone data. In case of doubt, Doctor Music shall be entitled at any time to request the purchaser to justify the accuracy of his/her registered personal data. In case that the purchaser is an entity or that the purchase is performed on behalf of such, the liability for the fulfilment of this conditions (including the payment of the penalties) is undertaken by such entity and the individual making the purchase joint and several, waiving the benefits of excussion, division and order.

Legal configuration of tickets for concerts organized by Doctor Music. The tickets issued by Doctor Music (hereinafter, “tickets”) are a document that represents the contractual right of its beneficiaries to attend the concert specified therein, and its sole purpose is to facilitate and speed up their access to the venue where said concert takes place. To this purpose, "beneficiaries" are only: (a) the buyer who originally purchased the ticket through one of the official channels; and (b) close people (relatives, friends, colleagues, etc.) of the original purchaser to whom the latter assigns the ticket, free of charge or by the mere reimbursement of the price paid, provided that they can prove their relationship with the original purchaser. The right represented by the ticket is always a personal and non-transferable of the beneficiaries, regardless of whether or not their name is noted on the ticket. The ticket bar code, QR or other code allows, directly or indirectly, to identify the original buyer (or, where appropriate, another beneficiary), according to the records of the purchase in the computer systems of Doctor Music, the ticketing distributor, the financial institution, the payment gateway and/or the issuer of the credit card or other means of payment. At the entrances to the venue, ticket holders may be subjected to an identity check to verify that they are beneficiaries. If they do not prove their identity or being a beneficiary status, access may be denied without the right to reimbursement.

Nominative tickets. When the nominative character of the tickets is not expressly announced, the name of the beneficiary will not be noted on them, without prejudice that the name of the purchaser may be noted. On the contrary, when it is expressly announced that the tickets are nominative, the name of the buyer or of another beneficiary that is indicated by the buyer during the purchase process, as the case may be, will be noted on them. In this case, if all the tickets bought in the same purchase contain only the name of one beneficiary, all the other beneficiaries must accompany him/her and enter the venue together. In these cases, the announcement of the concert issued by Doctor Music shall set forth the specific conditions to access the venue.

Resale prohibited. Resale of tickets for all concerts organized by Doctor Music is prohibited. Likewise, the resale consisting on the inclusion in a travel package of a ticket for a concert organized by Doctor Music is also prohibited. And the tickets purchased in travel agencies do not give the buyer the right to attend the concert or any other

Tickets purchased in resale pages. Tickets for concerts organized by Doctor Music purchased at a resale webpage (for example, Viagogo, Stubhub, Gigsberg, etc.) are not valid to attend the concert nor grant any other right. Victims of such frauds can address to confirm their situation, ask for help to obtain the reimbursement of the money paid from the resale website and, whenever feasible, buy a legitimate ticket.

Acknowledgements regarding resale. By purchasing a ticket for a concert organized by Doctor Music, the buyer agrees that speculative resale causes serious damages that are difficult or impossible to quantify to Doctor Music, the fans, etc. and puts in jeopardy the safety of the concert. He/she also agrees that Doctor Music is responsible for the organization of the concert, its risks and its possible consequences; and, thus, Doctor Music has the legitimate right to know the identity of the person with whom it establishes a contract for the attendance at the concert and that the unauthorized resale of tickets violates this right.

Penalties Consequently, without prejudice of the possible civil and criminal liabilities, the purchaser agrees that if he/she offers or has offered in the past on unauthorized resale one single ticket or buys one single ticket misrepresenting or concealing his/her identity and contact data or impersonating a third party, the following penalties shall be applied in relation to all the tickets purchased since three years before said infraction and those purchased after such perpetration (unless express and written redemption by Doctor Music), purchased, directly or indirectly, on his/her own name or through or on behalf of a third individuals or entities, from the same or other client profile registered on the distributor’s systems, for the same or for other concerts: 1. such tickets will lose all its rights (including the right to attend the concert) without reimbursement of the price paid for them, and Doctor Music will be entitled to cancel them and put them back on sale; and 2. the purchaser (and, if applicable, the acquiring entity) shall have to pay to Doctor Music, as damages and penalty, determined as a lump sum without the need for proof of actual damages and waiving to the weighting by the Courts, an amount equivalent to ten times the price of all the tickets (VAT and distribution surcharge included) purchased since three years before the infraction and until the moment in which Doctor Music claims the payment of said penalty (without prejudice of later claims related to later purchases).

Jurisdiction. Given the lucrative purpose of resale, offenders are not covered by the Consumer Defense Act and they submit themselves to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Barcelona or that of the location of any of the concerts related to the infractions, at Doctor Music’s choice.

Exceptions to the prohibition of resale. Exceptionally, Doctor Music may, at its sole discretion, expressly and in writing for each case and for each concert, authorize the non-speculative resale of the tickets (that is, the resale in which the buyers can resell their ticket for a price equal to or less than to price paid for it in the official channels, without obtaining any profit) and/or the resale of the ticket in a travel pack, provided that the ticket is resold for a price equal to or less than the price paid for it in the official channels, without obtaining any profit, and provided that the price of the trip associated with the ticket excluding the price of the ticket is not higher than the price of an identical trip not associated with the purchase of a ticket and provided that it is not a highest demand concert. Interested travel agencies that abide to these conditions may address to request such authorization. In the absence of said express authorization in writing for each case, or in case of violation of these conditions (in which case the authorization will become null and void), the authorization will become null and void and the resale will be considered illegal, with the consequences as set forth in these conditions in respect to all tickets purchased by the offender.

Limitation of number of tickets purchased. Unless a different number of tickets is set forth for a specific concert, only six tickets per purchaser and per credit card can be purchased. Tickets exceeding this number can be cancelled or subject to special anti-resale measures. Purchases from different profiles registered at the distributor’s systems are deemed as an infraction of this limitation. If this limit is exceeded, Doctor Music shall be entitled to cancelled the purchase of all the tickets bought by the purchaser or apply precautionary measures against fraudulent resale.

Access limitations by age. Unless it is expressly announced for special child or youth events, children under 6 years of age are not allowed to access the concerts organized by Doctor Music. Young people under 16 years of age can only access if accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or responsible adult, subject to the specific regulations applicable to shows in the location where the show takes place.

Entrance to the concert. Each complete ticket in good condition entitles the beneficiary to enter once and to witness the relevant concert, subject to the beneficiary abiding to these Terms & Conditions, the terms of the ticket distributor, the rules of the venue, the legislation in force and any other special terms and conditions that Doctor Music may reasonably modify or add for reasons of security or the singularity of the concert or venue, which, where appropriate, would be made known to the public through the appropriate channels. It is recommended to bring the tickets printed on paper and with the barcode, QR or equivalent code not folded nor damaged. Any ticket that is amended, broken, falsified or acquired outside the official channels authorized by Doctor Music will allow Doctor Music to deprive the bearer of access. In concerts where technology allows for it, the beneficiary may choose to download the ticket on a mobile device instead of having it printed. In that case, he/she assumes all responsibility for the malfunction of the device or the data connection network. In the event that the device does not work correctly or that the range fails, Doctor Music may deprive the beneficiary of access to the venue. Leaving the venue implies the loss of the right to enter back, except in those concerts in which Doctor Music explicitly provides otherwise. It is the prerogative of Doctor Music to allow the entry once the performance of the main artist has begun and, depending on the type of show, a waiting time may be required in order to enter the venue without disturbing the rest of the audience.

Safety. The bearer authorizes Doctor Music, both before accessing the venue and during their stay therein, to carry out reviews or searches of the attendants and their belongings in order to verify that the safety conditions are met in accordance with the Law. Doctor Music may deny access to the concert or eject the bearer from the venue in the event of non-compliance with the instructions of the organization's staff, or if there is good reason to suspect that the bearer may create a situation of risk or danger for the himself/herself or other attendees, due to a possible state of disturbance or intoxication. In such a case, if the ejection takes place before the concert has lasted sixty minutes, Doctor Music will return the price of the ticket in proportion to the time the bearer is deprived of it with respect to said duration. It will also be presumed that the bearers are creating a risk situation if they are in possession of objects that can be thrown and/or can cause injury or damage (cans, bottles, pyrotechnics, laser pointers, umbrellas, canes, banners, etc.) or if they go on stage and/or throw themselves on the public, even at the invitation of the artists, or enter restricted areas, and they undertake liability for all their actions and omissions that cause injury, damage or harm. Doctor Music gives notice that, even full implementation of an appropriate protection and hygiene concept as well as compliance with all reasonable hygiene measures does not completely exclude the risk of an infection with the coronarivus desease (Covid-19) or other pathogenic organism for the attendees. Attendees to the concert are liable for any injuries, damages and losses that they may cause to things or to third parties by their own actions and omissions. And, likewise, except for the liability of Doctor Music for damages, death or injuries due to an action or omission by Doctor Music, the attendees personally accept the risks that may arise from the concert and/or the crowding it leads to at venue entrances and exits and during the performance itself.

Cancellation, postponement or change of venue or program of a concert. Once a ticket has been bought, no refunds or changes will be accepted, except as set forth in these Terms and Conditions. In case of cancellation, Doctor Music will only offer a refund of the price of the ticket charged by Doctor Music (Big Tours SL, CIF B-78.769.916). On its turn, the ticketing distributor may or may not refund the "distribution charge" depending on its own general purchase conditions. The beneficiary of a ticket accepts that, due to the peculiarities of this type of event, the causes of force majeure for which Doctor Music may be forced to cancel the concert are more generic and extensive than in other activities (including, besides health and safety reasons, the impossibility to guarantee the quality of the concert, the necessary atmosphere or the minimum number of public necessary to this purpose, emotional reasons of the artists, or other reasons). In the event that the concert is canceled before 60 minutes of performance by the main artist have elapsed, Doctor Music will refund the price of the ticket. After this duration, the concert will be considered complete and there will be no refund. Rain or other bad weather conditions, or the change of venue, do not entitle to a refund of the ticket price. In the event of change of the venue, the ticket will be valid for the new venue. In the event of a change in the date, Doctor Music will announce a maximum date for the buyer to request a refund, after which it will be deemed that the buyer accepts the change and the ticket will be valid for the new date. In either case, Doctor Music may establish that the beneficiary of the ticket must exchange it for a new ticket under similar conditions. The buyer or holder of a ticket accepts that the program guaranteed by Doctor Music refers only to the main artist and that, if an opening act is announced, it is not an essential part of the concert. Consequently, due to the special peculiarities of these shows, Doctor Music reserves the right to alter the content and/or the order of the program of the opening or supporting act or guests’ artists who perform at the concert in addition to the main artist.

Information updates. The buyer agrees to pay attention to the communications that may be received by email from the distributor of the tickets with information related to the concert (cancellation; change of program, date, time or venue; indications or recommendations for access or safety; etc.) and, likewise, agrees to check such possible information at, and clicking on the specific page of the concert in question

Copyright and Image Rights. Attendees may not in any way record or reproduce sounds, footage and/or pictures of the concert, of the interior of the venue or of the attending public. Doctor Music reserves all image and intellectual property rights derived from the concert. Access to the venue with professional-quality equipment for sound or visual recording, fixation and/or reproduction is prohibited. Access to the venue of the show implies consent to be taken photographs and other support of recording and reproducing sound video, without the right to any compensation for it. In certain concerts, it will be prohibited to possess in the venue mobile phones or other devices that are not deactivated or turned off. Failure to comply with these prohibitions may lead to the ejection of the offender from the venue, without the right to refund.

Prohibitions of use of the ticket. Possession of a ticket does not give the right to use the ticket nor its content, for advertising, marketing or promotional purposes (including contests, gifts and/or raffles). In case of breach of this prohibition, the purchaser shall pay Doctor Music (as a penalty clause, determined at a lump sum without the need for proof of actual damages and waiving to the weighting by the by the Courts) a penalty equivalent to one thousand times the price of the most expensive ticket for the relevant concert, without prejudice to subsequent claims for general damages. Likewise, all the rights represented by the ticket, including the right to attend the concert, will be cancelled.

Exclusion of liability. Doctor Music is not liable for the actions or reactions of the public during the concert, such as getting up from the seat, moving, dancing, speaking loudly, singing, etc. Unless such actions are considered an infraction or affect the safety, they will be tolerated by the organization even if certain attendants may feel disturbed by them.