Whenever you attend any of the concerts organised by Doctor Music Concerts our aim is to ensure your experience is a fair, satisfactory one. To do so, we have drawn up the general terms and conditions set out below. If you have any query in relation to these general terms and conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at


The purchase, possession and/or use of any of the tickets for concerts organised by Doctor Music Concerts (“the Organiser”) implies express acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth below. In the event of any discrepancy between these general terms and conditions of tickets and the terms and conditions of purchase of any ticketing operator authorised by Doctor Music, the general terms and conditions established by Doctor Music shall prevail in all cases.

Each ticket grants its holder a license to attend personally and gain access one single time to the event described on the obverse of the ticket. . Leaving the venue involves loss of the right to re-admission, except in the case of events for which the Organiser explicitly stipulates otherwise. The buyer, holder or user of a ticket accepts that, due to the specific nature of such events, the reasons of force majeure on account of which the Organiser may cancel the show are broader and more general than with other activities (aside from security reasons, they include impossibility to assure the quality of the show or the required atmosphere, emotional reasons on the part of artists or other reasons). In the event of a cancellation, the Organiser will solely offer a refund of the ticket price shown on the obverse and any possible refund of the “distribution fee” or "booking fee" shall be the responsibility of the ticketing operator depending on what is specified in said operator’s general terms and conditions of purchase.

The re-sale of any ticket without express permission from the Organiser is strictly prohibited . Such authorisation will always be refused if tickets are re-sold at a higher price than the face value ticket price (shown on the obverse of the ticket) or if the ticket re-sale is associated with the joint purchase of any other product or service. Any re-sale of a ticket without permission will result in all associated rights being rendered null and void, and admission to the concert or show in question will be refused.

Doctor Music cannot guarantee the authenticity of any ticket not purchased through the official sales channels indicated in the official advertising for the event operated by Doctor Music.

Any ticket that has been amended, torn, or is suspected of being counterfeited or purchased illegally will entitle the Organiser to refuse admission to the holder.

Possessing a ticket that is fully intact and in good condition solely entitles its holder to attend and experience the show specified on said ticket, provided said holder adheres to these terms and conditions, the regulations of the venue and any other specific terms the Organiser may reasonably add or modify owing to security or the unique nature of the event or venue. In such cases, this information will be brought to the attention of attendees through the pertinent channels.

In accordance with the law, the holder authorises the Organiser to perform personal searches or checks, as well as on their belongings to ensure security requirements are met.

Representatives of the artist will have authority to decide whether to allow admission to an event once the performance of the featured artist has begun. Depending on the type of show, a waiting time may be needed in order to be admitted to the venue to allow access at a time when other attendees will not be disturbed.

The Organiser of the event may refuse admission to a holder or eject them from the venue if they fail to comply with directions given by staff of the Organiser. The Organiser may also do so if there is good reason to suspect that a situation of risk or danger may be posed to the holder or other attendees owing to a potential state of intoxication or disturbance, in which case the value of the ticket will be refunded or deposited. In any event, the holder shall be personally liable for his own actions and omissions whenever they cause damages to third parties or property. It will also be assumed that the holder is creating a situation of risk if he is in possession of objects that are likely to be thrown and/or cause damage (cans, bottles, fireworks, laser pens, umbrellas, walking sticks, placards, etc.). Moreover, it will be assumed that an attendee is creating a situation of risk if he gets up on the stage and/or throws himself into the audience, even if encouraged by the artists, or if he gains entry to areas with access restricted to the Organisers. In this case, he will be personally liable for his own actions and omissions at all times whenever they cause damages to third parties or property. Any refund of the ticket price will be made in proportion to the time for which the holder is prevented from experiencing the show, if the show has already begun.

Attendees are strictly prohibited from recording or reproducing sound and/or images from the show or the inside of the venue and/or audience in attendance. All image and intellectual property rights stemming from the show are reserved. Access to the venue with professional quality equipment for the filming, recording and/or reproduction of sound or images is forbidden. By accessing the show venue, attendees are giving their consent to have their photograph taken and to be recorded using sound and video reproduction and filming equipment without being entitled to receive any compensation as a result.

The holder of this ticket personally accepts any risk that may arise from the show and/or the crowding it leads to at venue entrances and exits and during the performance itself.

Possession of any ticket does not entitle the holder, or third parties, to use the ticket or the content of it for the purposes of advertising, marketing or promotion (including competitions, gifts and/or prize draws). Failure to comply with this requirement will result in a penalty being imposed on the advertiser and/or unauthorised users for one thousand times the ticket price of the most expensive ticket category for the show in question, notwithstanding subsequent claims for general damages. In addition, all rights associated with the ticket shall be rendered null and void, and admission to the show will be refused.

In the event of a change to the venue where the show is to be held, the ticket will still be valid for the new venue. . Nevertheless, the Organiser may stipulate that the original ticket will need to be exchanged for a new one under similar terms.

Once a ticket has been bought, no refunds or changes to tickets may be accepted, unless a show is cancelled or the date changed.

If the planned date for a particular show changes, the ticket buyer may claim a refund for the price of the ticket within the following periods: (a) within 15 days following notice of the change, provided such a change takes place more than 15 days prior to the original planned date; or (b) up to 24 h prior to the new date, if the change takes place with less notice. If a holder does not avail himself of this right, the ticket will be valid for the new date. However, the Organiser may stipulate that the original ticket will need to be exchanged for a new one under similar terms.

The show will be deemed complete once 60 minutes of the performance of the featured artist have elapsed and no refund whatsoever will be admissible thereafter. If a show is permanently cancelled, the Organiser will refund the price of the ticket within a period of 15 days following the planned date of the event. Rain or other adverse weather conditions, or a change of venue, will not entitle the holder to a refund for the price of the ticket.

Owing to the specific characteristics of these shows, the buyer or holder of a ticket accepts that the Organiser reserves the authority to change the content and/or order of the programme of supporting or guest artists performing in the show in addition to the featured artist.

Doctor Music gives notice that even full implementation of an appropriate protection and hygiene concept as well as compliance with all reasonable hygiene measures does not completely exclude the risk of an infection with the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) or other pathogenic organism for the visitor.