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Calum Scott is a British singer-songwriter. He won a local talent show in Yorkshire a...
The multiplatinum artist, who started her solo career after leaving Fifth Harmony
Brazilian revolution of the New Rave scene
One of the most charismatic girls of American indie
Alternative rock band from Wales who gained a national following in the United Kingdo...
China Crisis is an English pop music group, formed by Gary Daly (voice, keyboard, bas...
Christina Aguilera, the pop icon of the 2000s music and now a latin music star.
The six sisters originally from Sacramento are a teen phenomenon worldwide
The band from Sweden and was one of the earliest bands to adopt a rap metal sound
Alternative country band lead by Eef Barzelay
The XXI century troubadour soul
This talented teenage singer, songwriter, and musician is ready to revolutionize the...
Coheed and Cambria embrace a fusion of progressive rock, emocore, and highly conceptu...
The American rock band gained great notoriety in the mid 90's, thanks to their hit 'M...
Indie pop band from San Diego
An Australian rock band led by Neil Finn
American hip hop with Latin roots