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Californian saxophonist considered one of the great names of the new jazz.
American rock band that became popular in the 1970s initially on album-oriented rock...
Norwegian rap duo Karpe and dance group Quickstyle join for the 'Omar Sheriff' projec...
Katrina and the Waves were a British-American rock band best known for the 1985 hit '...
The American singer and songwriter is the most-followed person globally on Twitter
The English alternative rock band achieved mainstream success with the release of the...
The Rolling Stone's guitarist project 'The X-Pensive Winos'
Is in the very forefront of the new wave of European hip-hop artists relevant in the...
The Amercian saxophonist is the biggest-selling instrumental musician of the modern e...
The Los Angeles rapper, producer, and performer
Hollywood star, main character of TV series as 24 or Designated Survivor
This young British guys approach us a new music style, the “New British Blues”
Legendary post-punk band formed in the late seventies
Kina Grannis songwriter based in Los Angeles
Rock band from london, often categorised as a foundational progressive rock group
One of the southern rock bands most popular of our time
German avant-garde group decisive to the development of electronic music
Kylie is an Australian singer, songwriter, actress, dancer and philanthropist