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Argentine singer and pianist, specializing in soul, jazz and Latin
The alternative rock have counted worldwide album sales of over 17 million units
Multi-platinum selling singer, performer and songwriter
Gavin Friday an Irish singer and songwriter, composer, actor and painter, best known...
The Canadian singer-songwriter has become an icon of jazz-rock
An indie rock/post-hardcore band originally forming in Washington D.C.
Brazilian superstar and drag queen. In 2015, Gloria began gaining recognition venturi...
One of the most representative bands of Scandinavian rock in the late nineties
One of the most innovative projects of the latest years, created by Damon Albarn
American indie rock band which broke through with their 2006 studio album, 'Standing...
British rock singer and songwriter, who is best known as the lead singer of the popul...
The artist Greg Taro, brother of Álvaro Soler, stands out at an international level...
Greta Van Fleet, one of the most buzzed-about new rock bands today.
A groove metal band and a side project of Slayer's drummer Dave Lombardo
One of the most popular bands in the German rock scene
The rock band from Glasgow is best known for their cover of Cameo's 'Word Up!'